RC SCENE provides links to web shops that have (more or less) proven to be reliable in the past years. If you should still experience issues with any shop, then please let me know so I can update the shop description accordingly, thank you! 🎈


Proceed to the Realchems web shopscreenshot rc shop

Realchems is a company in the Netherlands.

Within Europe, web shops are legally obliged to deliver your product within 30 days. You do not pay for shipping, you pay for receiving a product. If a vendor takes your money then they must deliver. If your order should not arrive then they must issue a full refund.

Shops will always deliver, only criminal scam sites will try to screw you. If someone accepts your money but does not deliver, then these are criminals and need to be reported!

I will gladly assist you with reporting business malpractice and foulplay vendors to respective authorities like the EU Consumer Network Centres.

Also, make sure to always report fraud to your bank or credit card company or Bitcoin exchange so these can freeze the criminals' funds.

Credit card payments are insured and banks are likely to help you get your money back.

Have a happy day!